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“CHS makes learning fun.  The kids love to come to school and participate in all the activities. But it’s not only about fun; CHS ties the fun to a Mitzvah - teaching kids about caring for others, and helping others that are in need. It gives them a feeling of constant growth.  CHS teaches them the concept and the meaning behind the Mitzvah. This helps the children accept and internalize those Mitzvot as part of their beliefs and morals. The Karate system for Hebrew reading (Aleph Champ) makes learning fun and gives the kids a sense of accomplishment and progress. ”

-Yehudit Muskal, Hebrew School parent.


"My daughter, has learned so much during her four years at Chabad Hebrew School and has had such a wonderful experience there!  All the teachers she has had have been warm, caring, thoughtful people who have been able to meet her wherever she is in her level of learning and observance.  And the Aleph Champ program is fabulous!  Its ability to let Zippy learn at her own pace – however fast or slow that may be in a given week – is exactly the type of learning environment she needs.  Her experience at CHS has been invaluable for Zippy, and she will carry those benefits with her for the rest of her life."

-A Chabad Hebrew School parent.


"This is our second year here at Chabad,  and it is the second year I have gone with out a child saying, “ Do we have to go, its boring, just one time can I skip”   Rabbi Cohen and the entire group of dedicated teachers are the reason we never hear this.   My kids bring home the most fascinating projects and stories.  They are always so proud of their Aleph Champ Ribbons, what a great idea to have each student progress at their own pace.

I could go on for hours about how amazing this program is.  The teachers make this a fun place to learn.  Once being a kid myself, I wish I had a Hebrew school program like this.  No matter if you were raised reform, conservative, or orthodox we are all one family here at Chabad."

-Cindy Reichman, Hebrew School parent


"Morah Chana Mangel is kind and caring and she made us all feel comfortable when we were little preschoolers. She planned so many fun activities to explain traditions in Judaism.

Every year it gets better! I learned so much here! Here, they teach you textbook stuff in a fun, hands on way. From the Torah fair where we write a report, on a famous, person, object, holiday, or event in Jewish History. The hands on lessons are wonderful, and of course, it wouldn’t be the same without the outstanding Aleph Champ program! This is a remarkable place!"  

-Charlie Goldsmith, Student


"Mike and I are very happy with Chabad Hebrew School and, even more importantly, so is Kevin. Rabbi Cohen and Morah Ziporah, Rabbi Mangel and Morah Chana, and all of the Chabad Hebrew School teachers are so enthusiastic and energetic. From the minute we drive up to drop off Kevin, Rabbi Cohen is right there at the front door every time welcoming us as well as every other family that arrives. It's easy to see that Rabbi Cohen has a special repoire with each and every student and family.

Another great strength that I see here at Chabad Hebrew School is not only the scope of the material and quality of jewish education that our children receive, but just as important, is the way in which it is taught and the efffect it has on the kids. At Chabad Hebrew School, joy, pride and love of judaism is evident everywhere, so it's no wonder that these values are passed along to our kids.

Kevin's favorite part of the Hebrew School program is Aleph Champ. As he began passing through the different levels last year, he put all of his wristbands, certificates and belts on a bulletin board in his room. When school ended, he surprised me by wanting to continue with Aleph Champ over the summer. I spoke with Rabbi Cohen and he set us up with the materials and I worked with Kevin to continue on. I really thought that Kevin would lose interest shortly into the summer, but he kept at it full force. Even this year, he already plans to continue Aleph Champ through the summer.

The Aleph Champ program is ingenious because it lets every student work at their level and at their own pace. We are thrilled not only with what Kevin has learned, but with his desire to learn more and do more.

I feel that Chabad Hebrew School is a great gift for all of our kids because it builds a strong foundation of Jewish knowledge and, even more importantly, love and pride in being Jewish."

-Stephanie Jaffe, Parent


Walking into Hebrew School the first day, I noticed you are not judged on how observant you are, or on how much Hebrew you know. It is not necessary if you are kosher or if you know your Hebrew name. All that really matters, is we are all Jews.

Jonah has blossomed at Chabad. I believe that Jonah’s profound interest in his Jewish education is largely due to Rabbi Cohen’s constant enthusiasm and praise every Sunday. His dedication to his students is an inspiration to Marc and me.

I never thought the day would come that Jonah would wake up and ask me if he had Hebrew School that day, with an overwhelming sense of excitement.

-Shelly Tessel, parent


We parents all spend a lot of time selecting the “right” education for our children. We often ask questions of the school-Is the school appropriate for my child’s style of learning? Will the teachers create a motivating environment to maximize learning? Will the teachers be nurturing and sensitive in accordance to my child’s personality? We have found answers to these questions here at Chabad Hebrew School.
This is our first year with Chabad Hebrew School and it truly has been a positive experience for our son Ari and our family as a whole!
We have found a warm community here at Chabad. Our children are in good hands in this Hebrew school learning and understanding what it means to be a Jew. There are no questions left in our minds on whether this is the right Jewish education for our kids.

-Jannet Seide, parent


In Chabad Hebrew School we found a Home. I looked at several different programs in the area and really knew quickly that Chabad would be perfect for our son. As a creative and natural questioner our son quickly found his identity and love of Judism through amazing teachers, events and Rabbi Cohen. He loves coming to Chabad every week and we love joining him. His Hebrew school experience has exceeded our expectations and we can't wait for next year to start.

-Stacey Perry, Parent