Outsmarting Anti-Semitism

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    4 Sundays, starting January 7, 10:00 - 11:30 AM via Zoom
    or 4 Thursdays, starting January 11, 7:30 - 9:00 PM in-person

    Chabad Jewish Center 3977 Hunt Road - Blue Ash 45236 
    Zoom info emailed before the course upon registration

    513 793-5200 or [email protected]

    We are witnessing today an unprecedented and disturbing resurgence of antisemitism on college campuses, social media platforms, and anti-Israel rallies worldwide. This alarming trend has left many Jews feeling vulnerable, uncertain, and questioning whether the patterns of our past are repeating themselves.

    Silence in the face of antisemitism is not an option. We must rise above the fear and empower ourselves with the knowledge and resilience to combat this insidious form of hatred. That's why we are offering an emergency rerun of JLI's acclaimed course, Outsmarting Antisemitism – absolutely free!

    This comprehensive four-week course delves into the depths of antisemitism, exploring its historical roots, analyzing its modern-day manifestations, and providing practical strategies for effectively confronting it. Through illuminating source texts and captivating case studies, you will gain a deeper understanding of:

    * The origins and evolution of antisemitism, from ancient misconceptions to contemporary prejudices.

    * The sophisticated tactics employed to spread antisemitic rhetoric, both online and offline.

    * Practical techniques for effectively responding to antisemitic encounters, whether in person or in the digital realm.

    * The enriching tapestry of Jewish identity, its rich heritage, enduring traditions, and profound contributions to the world.

    * The power of resilience, enabling you to navigate challenges with unwavering faith and a steadfast commitment to Jewish values.

    Outsmarting Antisemitism is more than just a course; it's a journey of self-empowerment and collective action. Together, we can reclaim our narrative, transforming fear into resilience and ignorance into understanding.

    Become a part of the solution. Join us today.

    Let's illuminate the enduring spirit of the Jewish people and stand tall against the tide of antisemitism.

    Am Yisrael Chai!

  • An optional student textbook (with the course referenced readings) can be purchased through Amazon by clicking here. (If you already have the 2021 JLI textbook, there's no need to order a new one.)

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