About Shabbat 100!

Join Chabad Jewish Center for an unforgettable Shabbat experience!

Shabbat 100 is an ambitious program aiming to bring 100 kids and their families together for a Shabbat dinner!

Our mission is to unite Cincinnati kids, regardless of background and affiliation for a fun and interactive Shabbat dinner! We believe that giving kids a positive Jewish experience in their young age, will boost their Jewish pride and give them an appreciation for their heritage that will last a life time!

The event will begin with a concert, followed by welcoming the Shabbat and an interactive kid centered Shabbat dinner.

All are invited, regardless of observance or affiliation. Shabbat 100 is for all age kids and their families.

This is a Shabbat dinner not to be missed!

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Looking forward to seeing you!


For more information please contact us!

Email: Mushkie@chabadba.com

Phone: (513) 793-5200